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Xi’an Tanglong International Hotel is located at No.98,Yannan 4th Road,Qujiang New District,Xi’an.It is a hotel invested and constructed in accordance with five-star standards and managed by Guangdong Yuehai(International)Hotel Management Group Co.,Ltd.The hotel has complete operating items and supporting facilities,including guest rooms,catering,banquets,conferences,recreation,swimming,and fitness.
Is now looking for the following positions:


Position Title


Basic Requirements

Sales Manager


Good image and temperament, outgoing personality, more than two years of experience in hotel sales, strong language skills

Floor supervisor


Have more than two years of work experience in the same position, and be familiar with hotel guest room related processes.

Western Food Supervisor


Have more than two years of work experience in the same position, familiar with wine-related knowledge and western food etiquette, and have certain training and management capabilities.

Assistant Manager of the Lobby


Have more than two years of experience in the same job position, good image and temperament, and high overall quality.



Putonghua standard, a certain foreign language ability, good image and temperament, and strong communication skills.



Standard Mandarin, outgoing personality, affinity and strong sense of service, and be able to speak simple English.

Guest Service Center Clerk


Putonghua standard, friendly, simple English.



Good image and temperament, skilled computer operation, responsible and serious work attitude.



Have a certain sense of service, strong affinity, earnest work, and can bear hardships and stand hard work.



Have a certain sense of service and can bear hardships and stand hard work.

Room Attendant


Have hotel room work experience, good health, able to bear hardships and stand hard work.

Security officer


Responsible, healthy, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, veterans or relevant work experience preferred

Staff meal wok


Have a sense of responsibility and require more than one year of work experience in the same position.

Play lotus


Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have working experience in catering

Western kitchen hot chef


Have a certain degree of catering and cooking experience, and have work experience as a Western chef


Employee Benefits
1.Salary composition:basic salary+full attendance bonus+performance bonus+seniority salary+service allowance+commission;
2.Pay five social insurances and one housing fund;
3.6 days annual leave for 1-2 years,8 days annual leave for 3-4 years,and 10 days annual leave for 5 years and above.Weekends,enjoy all kinds of paid holidays,marriage leave,maternity leave,paid sick leave,three times the salary and year-end bonus for working on statutory holidays;
4.Provide high-quality meals for free;
5.Staff uniforms,footwear,and 24-hour hot showers are provided free of charge;
6.Non-local employees provide dormitory(the dormitory provides heating,air-conditioning,TV,bedding,wifi,washing machine,etc.,checked in with bags)
7.Perfect staff training system and promotion mechanism;
8.Free parking spaces for employees,heatstroke prevention and cooling products,holiday benefits,and Chinese New Year red envelopes.

Interview notes
1.Interview time:Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00;13:00-17:00;
2.Interview address:No.98,Yannan 4th Road,Qujiang New District,Xi'an(get off at"Yanta South Road and Yannan 4th Road Station")
3.Contact: Ms. Xing, Tel:029-88343886
4. Resume delivery mailbox:305846481@qq.com


Xi 'an Tang Long International Hotel



Hotel is managed by Guangdong International Hotel Management Group. With the service philosophy “Honesty and Earnestness in

the Heart & Being Polite to Others” & “Operation at International Standards and with Chinese Characteristics”, the hotel forms unique management style and mode and brings guests

and clients the feeling of “Sweetness & Comfortableness of Home, While Being Out” through service creation and management creation。

The hotel is managed by Yuehai International Hotel Management Group, and with the service concept of "honesty in the Middle, courtesy in the outside", "international standard, Chinese characteristics", through service innovation and management innovation, the hotel has formed a unique management style and mode, so that the majority of guests enjoy the feeling of "warm and comfortable, home away from home".

Address:98 Yannan 4th Road, Qujiang New District, Xi 'an city

Fax:+86(29)8558 6066


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