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Xi 'an: The first 35 conference hotels were identified

Xi 'an: The first 35 conference hotels were identified

  • 2021-11-25 15:30
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Xi 'an: The first 35 conference hotels were identified


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35 hotels in Xi 'an have been identified as conference hotels, becoming the first group of identified hotels after xi 'an Bureau of Commerce formulated and issued the Implementation Plan for Conference Hotels in Xi 'an.

Meeting industry and hotel industry, as part of the modern service industry has become the important indicators of urban economy development and the degree of internationalization, xi 'an municipal party committee municipal government attaches great importance to meeting the development of the convention and exhibition industry, the meeting exhibition industry as an important content of xi 'an modern industrial system, introduced the xi 'an meeting exhibition industry to implement the action plan for three years, Clearly pointed out to develop the identification of conference hotel. To this end, Xi 'an Bureau of Commerce formulated and issued the Implementation Plan of Xi 'an Conference Hotel Identification, and officially issued the Notice on developing the Identification work of Xi 'an Conference Hotel on August 17.

The cognizance work carried out by xi 'an hotel committee meeting, by xi 'an convention and exhibition industry association, xi 'an tourism association, xi 'an hotel marketing managers association and exhibition experts, experts of expert group review, review meeting hotel that implementation plan in strict accordance with the requirements of that work. As of September 30 JCP complete determination of 62 hotels, and the panel in strict accordance with the conference type of identifying requirements involved in the hotel for field inspection, review concluded that the hotel environment, food safety, conference facilities, contingency plans, operations management, service system and so on one by one check, evaluation opinions issued in accordance with the standards of grading finally. In the first batch, a total of 35 hotels have passed the identification of conference hotels with complete information, and 27 hotels are in the process of improving information and upgrading according to the evaluation opinions and suggestions of the expert group.

The first certified conference hotel in Xi 'an:

Xi 'an Jin Jiang International Hotel

The Westin Xi 'an

Century Golden Source Hotel

Shaanxi Jiyuan International Hotel

Renaissance Xi 'an Hotel

Hyatt Regency Xi 'an

Ramada Plaza Hotel, Huangyuan, Xi 'an

Tang Hua Hua Yi Hotel xi 'an

Blue Creek International Hotel

Holiday Inn Big Wild Goose Pagoda xi 'an

Xi 'an Qujiang Lotus Pavilion Hotel

Xi 'an Tang Long International Hotel

Le Meridien Chanba hotel

Shaanxi Binque Sheng Hotel

Xi 'an Platinum Ferrand Hotel

Xi 'an Tienting Hotel

Huafu Palace Hotel

Xizang Mansion New Century Mingdu Hotel

Gloria Tianyu Hotel xi 'an

Shaanxi Imperial Palace Hotel

Sofitel Xi 'an People's Building

Xi 'an Tangcheng Hotel

Tianlang Times Hotel

Datang West City Hotel

Shanglin Palace hotel

Xi 'an Zhiyuan Hotel

Grand Palace Hotel Xi 'an

Xi 'an Huahai Hotel

Tian Lang Sambo Hotel xi 'an

Shaanxi Police Vocational College training Center

Xi 'an Yirong Hotel

Intercontinental Hotel Xi 'an

Courtyard By Marriott Xi 'an Blue Sea Wind Hotel

Long March Mirso Hotel xi 'an

Xi 'an Yongchang Hotel


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