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Hotel product positioning rules

Hotel product positioning rules

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Hotel product positioning rules


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Hotel product positioning from another point of view, is to highlight the personality of the hotel product, and to create a unique market image. A product is a comprehensive reflection of many factors, including performance, composition, shape, packaging, quality, etc. Product positioning is to strengthen or amplify some product factors, so as to form a distinctive specific image. Product differentiation is an important means to achieve the hotel product positioning, here it must be emphasized that the so-called product differentiation here is not simply the pursuit of the existing product variation, but on the basis of market segmentation, seeking to establish some product characteristics, is the specific embodiment of the concept of marketing.

Hotel product positioning methods can be summarized as the following:

(1) according to the attributes and interests of positioning: the attributes of the hotel product itself and the resulting benefits can make customers experience its positioning. Such as the hotel's "luxury style", "health and comfort", this positioning method, the hotel often emphasizes a property of the product, and this property is often competitors did not take into account.

(2) according to the quality and price positioning: price and quality changes can create different status of the hotel product. Under normal circumstances, the quality depends on the raw materials or production process and technology of the product, and the price often reflects its positioning, such as people often say "high quality at a good price", "low quality at a low price" is to reflect such a product positioning train of thought.

(3) According to the product use positioning: carry forward each use of the same product project and analyze the market applicable to each use, is the basic starting point of this positioning method. Also a hall, it can be used as a large banquet, buffet venue, can also be used as a conference hall to receive all kinds of meetings, at the same time, but also can become a variety of display, exhibition venue. For such a hotel product, the hotel can according to its different uses, in the selected target market, respectively, set up different product personality and image.

(4) according to the user positioning: this is a commonly used hotel product positioning, that is, the hotel will guide some products to the appropriate users or a target market, in order to create the appropriate image of these products according to the characteristics of these users or target market. Many hotels for local residents "convenient, economic, rich taste" dining requirements, open a set of local flavor as one of the restaurant, is based on the user's demand for products and positioning.

(5) Positioning according to product grade: This positioning method is to position a product as the grade of another similar type of product, so as to make a comparison between the two. For example, some hotels will set their own room product grade and a good public recognition of the hotel room grade, in order to make customers more easily accept their products. Another aspect of this practice is to find a reference for a particular product and to highlight a particular feature of the product by comparison at the same level. For example, some hotel apartment rooms, outstanding in the same level with the standard room under the premise of kitchen facilities, more suitable for family tourists to use, so as to attract family tourists to buy the purpose.

(6) According to the competitive positioning: the hotel product can be positioned in different attributes or interests directly related to the competition. For example, hotels open smoke-free restaurants, which means cleaner air. In fact, this is tantamount to indirectly implying that if customers eat in ordinary restaurants, other people's smoking will affect their health.

(7) mixed factor positioning: hotel product positioning is not absolutely highlight a certain attribute or characteristics of the product, customers buy products not only to obtain a certain benefit of the product, therefore, the positioning of the hotel product can use a combination of the above methods to create the status of the product. This is conducive to exploring the competitive advantages of the product in many aspects and meeting a wider range of customer needs.


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