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About the hotel

About the hotel

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About the hotel


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Shaanxi Tanglong International Hotel is located in Xi 'an Qujiang New District, invested by Xi 'an Safe Placement Industry Co., LTD., and managed by the well-known domestic hotel management group Yuehai (international) hotel management group.

Tang Long International Hotel has a construction area of nearly 42,000 square meters. Its ingenious design combines the culture of tang Dynasty with modern elements, forming a unique style, highlighting the grandeur and grandeur of the hotel.

The hotel has presidential suite, executive suite, luxury suite, luxury single room/standard room, business single room/standard room and other high-grade rooms 195 / set. The whole catering area can accommodate about 1000 people at the same time, with large, medium and small banquet rooms more than 30, as well as the style of flavor restaurant, western restaurant, romantic bar, pure Cantonese cuisine, northern Shaanxi cuisine waiting for you to taste. At the same time, the hotel also has a variety of conference rooms, VIP hall, multi-function hall a total of 8, to meet the needs of different conferences and activities. Swimming pool, SPA, chess and card room, business center, beauty salon and other comprehensive service facilities, to meet the high-end needs of many business and leisure guests.

The hotel will adhere to the corporate culture of "integrity, honesty and efficiency" and carry forward the service concept of "virtue and sincerity in the middle, courtesy in the outside" of Yuehai International. Through service innovation and management innovation, the hotel will build significant competitive strength and profitability with the management advantage of "international standard, Chinese characteristics". Tanglong people will be full of enthusiasm, high-quality service, elegant environment, modern facilities and equipment, do a good job in every service, so that the majority of guests enjoy the feeling of "warm and comfortable, home away from home"


Xi 'an Tang Long International Hotel



Hotel is managed by Guangdong International Hotel Management Group. With the service philosophy “Honesty and Earnestness in

the Heart & Being Polite to Others” & “Operation at International Standards and with Chinese Characteristics”, the hotel forms unique management style and mode and brings guests

and clients the feeling of “Sweetness & Comfortableness of Home, While Being Out” through service creation and management creation。

The hotel is managed by Yuehai International Hotel Management Group, and with the service concept of "honesty in the Middle, courtesy in the outside", "international standard, Chinese characteristics", through service innovation and management innovation, the hotel has formed a unique management style and mode, so that the majority of guests enjoy the feeling of "warm and comfortable, home away from home".

Address:98 Yannan 4th Road, Qujiang New District, Xi 'an city

Fax:+86(29)8558 6066


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