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Management Company Profile

Management Company Profile

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Management Company Profile


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Yuehai (international) Hotel Management Group Co., Ltd. is an international hotel management group under Yuehai Holding Group Co., LTD. At present, the hotels under management are all over Hong Kong, Macao, pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Bohai Rim, Central Plains, southwest and other areas.

Guangdong international adhering to the "integrity, honesty, efficiency" of the enterprise culture, strengthen the innovation enterprise concept, to "international standards, the Chinese characteristic" management advantages, guangdong international and the hotel has created a significant competitive power and profit ability, the fierce market competition in the hospitality industry, made by the uncommon performance management hotel all get considerable profit. "China local hotel Group Development Report" has pointed out that: Yuehai International in the "group size", "management stability", "growth", "brand influence", "member hotel business performance" and "human resources management" and other six indicators are among the top 30 largest Chinese hotel groups; The group brand influence index is the highest, reaching more than 80%. At present, the average room price, occupancy rate, operating profit margin, customer satisfaction and other indicators of its hotels are in a leading position in the same region and the same star hotels, and become the leader in maintaining and increasing the value of hotel assets, creating social and economic benefits. Company with advanced enterprise culture and the hotel management professional requirements, to cultivate a good professional education background and rich experience of the management team, have a mature, specifications, in accordance with international practice management system, management mode and support system, construction of collectivization development system constantly strengthen and improve the, Moreover, the company has established an industry-university-research base jointly built with famous domestic universities, and also has hotel professional training bases in Hong Kong and mainland China. The company focuses on talent development strategy, collectivization development and the optimization and promotion of hotel products and services, has a huge marketing network, effectively realize the resource complementarity and customer sharing among member hotels. The company adheres to the service tenet of "sincerity in virtue, courtesy in appearance", through service innovation and management innovation, integrates the unique style, and constantly improves the differentiated competitiveness with the cultural connotation of the hotel, to provide guests with personalized and high-quality services. At the same time, through the perfect financial monitoring system and SAP system and other technical means, so that the financial operation and enterprise behavior standard and orderly.

Yuehai International's influence, brand awareness and reputation in the hotel industry continue to improve, the company's hotels in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China to obtain ISO9002 international quality certification, And has won the "China's best Hotel Management Company", "China's Hotel Industry International Brand Pioneer", "China's Hotel Industry National Brand Pioneer", "China's largest 30 hotel Management groups", "The best Employer of China hotel Industry", "National Customer Satisfaction Brand", "White Gold Award of Chinese and Foreign Hotels · Top Ten Brand Hotel Management Companies", "Five Continents Diamond Award · Top Ten Charming Brand Hotel Groups" and other honors.


Xi 'an Tang Long International Hotel



Hotel is managed by Guangdong International Hotel Management Group. With the service philosophy “Honesty and Earnestness in

the Heart & Being Polite to Others” & “Operation at International Standards and with Chinese Characteristics”, the hotel forms unique management style and mode and brings guests

and clients the feeling of “Sweetness & Comfortableness of Home, While Being Out” through service creation and management creation。

The hotel is managed by Yuehai International Hotel Management Group, and with the service concept of "honesty in the Middle, courtesy in the outside", "international standard, Chinese characteristics", through service innovation and management innovation, the hotel has formed a unique management style and mode, so that the majority of guests enjoy the feeling of "warm and comfortable, home away from home".

Address:98 Yannan 4th Road, Qujiang New District, Xi 'an city

Fax:+86(29)8558 6066


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