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The enterprise culture

The enterprise culture

  • 2021-11-25 15:28
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The enterprise culture


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Service concept: De chengzhong, courtesy form outside.

Management philosophy: people-oriented, caring for employees.

Core values

Integrity -- let our customers know that we always keep our promises and match our words and actions.

Innovation - we encourage innovation in business management and service mode. Only with continuous innovation can we make continuous progress.

Cooperation - our team is a whole, good cooperation is the basis for us to achieve multi-win.

Care - we are people-oriented, show care, respect for every employee.

Service - to provide customers with the best quality service is our unremitting pursuit.


Xi 'an Tang Long International Hotel



Hotel is managed by Guangdong International Hotel Management Group. With the service philosophy “Honesty and Earnestness in

the Heart & Being Polite to Others” & “Operation at International Standards and with Chinese Characteristics”, the hotel forms unique management style and mode and brings guests

and clients the feeling of “Sweetness & Comfortableness of Home, While Being Out” through service creation and management creation。

The hotel is managed by Yuehai International Hotel Management Group, and with the service concept of "honesty in the Middle, courtesy in the outside", "international standard, Chinese characteristics", through service innovation and management innovation, the hotel has formed a unique management style and mode, so that the majority of guests enjoy the feeling of "warm and comfortable, home away from home".

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